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What to do in Puerto Peñasco aka Rocky Point! Click below links

Things to Do in Rocky Point

Fans of Mexico love the stunning ocean vistas, tantalizing cuisine, and robust culture. Rocky Point boasts all of these merits – albeit on a smaller scale than more mainstream Mexico beach destinations.

  • Water Activities: All the heavy-hitters are here – snorkeling, fishing, parasailing, kite surfing and more. One thing to keep in mind is that Rocky Point is located on a gulf, meaning the waves are minimal. While surfing isn’t feasible, the calm waters make for ideal swimming conditions.
  • Sample the Sea: American fans of Mexican cuisine might not immediately think of seafood, but it’s an integral part of any menu in Rocky Point. Standouts include fresh shrimp and ceviche.
  • Charter a Boat: Private boat charters are common and inexpensive in Puerto Peñasco. Board a boat for a fishing excursion, to go snorkeling around Bird Island or for a romantic sunset cruise.
  • Explore the Beaches: The two most popular beaches in Rocky Point are Playa Hermosa and Sandy Beach. Both Playa Hermosa is best known for its tide pools and Sandy Beach is the spot for soft sand.
  • Shop for Local Goods: Rocky Point has lots of shopping areas featuring local handicrafts and clothing. Yet another perk of driving south of the border? No need to worry about extra baggage fees!
  • Nightlife: With its Spring Break reputation, it’s no surprise that Rocky Point has a bustling nightlife. There are bars a-plenty, but always keep safety in mind and don’t travel alone at night.
  • Activities for Landlubbers: The nearby sand dunes provide ample opportunity for adrenaline seekers. Quads and ATVs can be rented throughout Rocky Point and don’t forget your helmet!


Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

World Heritage Site Pinacate

Named in 2013 a Worl Heritage Site by UNESCO "EL Pinacate" Biosphere Reserve is one of the most important landmarks to visit in Mexico and the most important destination in Northwest of Mexico and the whole state of Sonora. Being on the World Heritage List is an important distinction, during Tim Jaeger’s delegation to he World Heritage Committee he describes the honor as being “inscription of this spectacular site on the World Heritage List is extremely welcome recognition of its significant values and impressive local conservation efforts.”

For almost 4 million years beneath the earth, hot magma melted rock creating massive subterranean pools of intensely hot liquid slowly building up pressure far below the earth's surface.

CEDO - Intercultural Center Study

The mission of CEDO, the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, is to advance and share knowledge about the Upper Gulf of California and surrounding Sonoran Desert and promote conservation and sustainable use of its natural and cultural resources.

Come explore some of the world’s finest tide pools. Engage in scientific research, or bring your children, for an exciting, educational opportunity. Join us for an outdoor adventure in the sea or on the desert.
CEDO is a nonprofit Natural History Resource Center and Biological Field Station. We're located in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico at the meeting place of two marine and desert Biosphere Reserves — the Upper Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta Biosphere Reserve, and the Pinacate and the Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. CEDO serves the many cultures and users of this bioregion. We develop and implement research, conservation and environmental education programs, and materials that enhance the protection of these ecosystems.




Zip-lines in Rocky Point. Zip up to 150 feet above the desert below. Enjoy the view of the Sea of Cortez, mouintains and the beach on the second longest zip-lines in Mexico. Ages three and up  are allowed to ride (with weight limit of 250 lbs). They accept reservations, and walk-ups are also welcome. 


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